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For example, if you make a PvE game and want to make an item rarity system (players open boxes) and they either get a common item, rare, very rare, epic, mythic or legendary and a player gets a high-rarity item. But players won't know that it's really a certain rarity. (besides making a lot of item types which takes a lot of time and is like that you make one issue in them and you have to go thru all of them and fix it, which is really annoying). So instead of itemvars it would be better to add color to it (which is impossible to accomplish with them) using scripts, to add some sense of pride that players have a truly good weapon if they get a higher tier. Also when I would want to do the choice of creating a lot of items, the damage would be really constant because no one wants to do like 6-7 damage type changes for 1 item.

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Comments: 7

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